Peeping Jane
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Peeping Jane is an incredibly unreliable gossip index containing a massive archive of names and people those names have "slept" with... Choose to define that how you wish.

You enter names by registering, submitting any names you wish to claim you have "slept" with as well as names of other people you know and names of people they have "slept" with.
Since there is no real confirmation, the information may be conceived as gossip or slander, which is why Peeping Jane is ambiguous as to who these names really belong to. So, if you happen to share the name of someone listed on Peeping Jane and find the data reported as false, disagreeable, insulting or loaded with lies, figure it is someone else with a similar name.

Each name listed will have a city and state associated with it, as well as one or two numbers:
  1. How many people they have "slept" with
  2. How many times other people have confirmed the report

Be careful who you search for. You may not want to know what you will find.
Remember, Peeping Jane is always watching. So, think twice before "sleeping" with someone new. It just might come back to you some day in a way you'd rather not know of.

If you're not sure what this means, enter a name of someone you know above and see if there are any results. If not, maybe you should register and let the world know just how many people this person "slept" with.