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Since many of you will try to exploit our forms for a cheap shot at getting your domain linked all over the internet, you might as well take advantage of our sad effort at creating a spammer's code.

Below is a very simple input box that will add your website to the list that randomly populates the "Mystery Link" in the footer.
This means that on every page load, a different link will show up down there because we're nice enough to let anyone do this in hopes that they will not bother spamming the rest of the site. It would be nice if people picked up this concept and added us in their rotation of footer mystery links just out of appreciation, but we can't expect so much from this avenue of users.
It would probably force google to update their spidering algorithm eventually after it inevitably went totally out of control.

Since anyone can enter in this field, the websites entered will absolutely not be reported as spam. That would be a good way for competetors to ruin other people's businesses. All we will store is the domain and the IP it was posted from. If you decide to spam us in other ways, expect us to spam you back. Except we won't spam for exposure, we would spam to destroy. Fair enough? We think so. Go ahead and enter your domain below.

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You can also enter a domain you've already submitted to see how many times it was displayed in the Mystery Link.