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Why would anyone register on this site? What is the point? Glad you didn't ask...

Amusement is probably the only reason to join. But, if it helps to know, there's no consequence to your personal life directly should you decide to do so. We don't have a newsletter and never will. We don't ask for any idiotic demographical information except your name, city and state, which could easily be fake. We refuse to sell your email address to vulturous marketing jerks and would likely try to ban their IP if they even asked.

Our report algorithm is epically flawed!
Yes, we know. We don't care. There's only so much one can do to isolate and accurately calculate data when you have only names and vague locations to build off of. Names are not entirely unique, locations are less so. So, when you enter a list of names for Jennifer Smith in Las Vegas Nevada, don't be shocked when the bad code decides to associate those names with every Jennifer Smith in Las Vegas Nevada. And if you spell Las Vegas incorrectly... Like Las Vgeas, the bad code will add Las Vgeas as a new city and screw up the data even more. It is not a bug. It is simply lazy programmers and a supreme lack of concern.

What's the point then?

No point. As mentioned above, perhaps amusement. Maybe later on we'll sell ad space to porn sites so you have somewhere to go after being convinced that your life is over now that you see your girlfriend's name being associated with 566 people. Hell, maybe we'll turn into a porn site...
Let's be honest here. That would be too much work. Security, API, content... Yup. Not doing it.

Have fun. Remember: You can't unsee it. Don't look if you think you'll wish you never did.