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Searching Names:
You can enter a person's first and last name or just one or the other. You can also add the operator "IN" to add their location. For example, "Lynda Winters" would work. "Lynda IN Tucson, AZ" would also bring up pretty much the same results. As would "Lynda IN Tucson" or "Lynda IN Arizona".
While just a name is fine, some names are very common. So you may want to make use of the "IN" operator if you don't want to sift through a list of 600 names matching Jennifer Smith.

Adding Names:
Adding names can be tricky. Do you add "Elizabeth Jones" or "Beth Jones" if you want her to be found? Consider what most people call her. Then search any way you would say her name and see if someone has already added her. If any results look like the person you're thinking of, use that name for your own addition.
If someone is clever and calls themselves "Bill Anderson" when their literal name is "William Anderson" you might want to add the one with fewer results to prevent them from hiding from people who only know him as the lesser.
There is a science to this twisted site. You'll get the hang of it eventually, after polluting the results with dozens of mis-spelled names or accidentally adding someone to your own list.
Be warned though, all submissions are locked in. You will not be able to remove someone from your own list if you screw it up.

Getting Angry
Are you upset about what you see associated with your name? Well, lots of people have the same name. There's nothing that proves the names in the lists are actually yours unless you want it to. Registered members can add eachother to their lists and an identifying icon will display next to those names. This shows other people that the names on the list are confirmed solidly. If the icon is not there, it could be a mistake and probably should not be considered hard fact.
Sure, lots of people will use this site as a convenient excuse to get mad, start disputes, cause trouble and generally be troublesome. Others will use it as some kind of boasting ritual to flaunt how many people they have seduced. Bottom line is that it is all gossip. Since anyone can register and claim whatever they want to, nothing on the site is provable and should not be the source of anguish in your life.
If this kind of juvenile amusement is bothersome to you, don't come here. Like many horrible things this world will thrust at you, the information you find here may crush your soul and you may live in regret forever. Be warned.